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Mathematics can be a challenging and frustrating subject for even the most gifted student. It can crush confidence and leave many hard-working and talented individuals shrugging and saying, I guess that Im just not a math person. It can frustrate potential architects, nursing students and engineers, and can be a black spot on the academic record of an otherwise top-performing student.

There can be many causes of this. Sometimes its the result of a poor understanding of core principles. Sometimes frustration comes from difficulty in recognizing and correcting mistakes when studying practicing hard and not understanding the difference between problems worked correctly and incorrectly. Sometimes confusion results from having ideas that extend beyond the material presented in a class or textbook, and having nobody to acknowledge such thoughts. Any of these can contribute to test anxiety, low self-esteem and frustration when learning mathematics.

Fortunately, its not too late. With seven years of experience tutoring mathematics and dozens of satisfied students, I know that I can provide you with the one-on-one help needed to help you or your son or daughter achieve academic success. I invite you to read more on my tutoring programs, and then call or email me so that we can discuss how I can help you.

I serve students in northern Illinois. I'm living in DeKalb and am available to travel as far east as St Charles/Aurora and as far west as Rochelle. I generally work in public libraries and coffee shops, but I am also available for in-home work.